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The developed BIM project gives an insight into the upcoming Future Technology Knowledge Center in Cēsis

A building permit has been issued for the construction of the Future Technology or Space Study Center in Cēsis, which means that a construction site is already being set up to start the earth works and pile construction soon. As the design of the building has been made in a digital three-dimensional environment (the building information model or BIM), the development of the project will be transparent at all stages of its development.

The construction team has created an insight video that reveals the architecture of the building, as well as gives a glimpse of the interior.

The Cesis Future Technology or Space Study Center will be built as an energy-efficient three-storey building in accordance with the requirements of sustainable construction, ensuring the limitation of potential greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reduced total energy consumption - the building will be heated by a ground source heat pump and a pellet boiler, and the centre will use energy-efficient LED lighting, which will be supplied by solar panel power plants. The building will also provide rainwater collection and reuse. Five electric car charging points will be built next to the building. To ensure energy savings, energy use will be controlled by an automated control system.

A video about the Future Technology Study Center and the surrounding area plan is available on Youtube account of the general contractor, RERE Grupa, here: