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RERE GRUPA is a company of construction professionals. The team with extensive experience. We offer expertise and quality in three main directions: construction, renovation as well as the implementation of infrastructure and environmental projects. Highly qualified engineers, Latvian leading renovators, professional infrastructure and environment project specialists are ready to bring your construction ideas into reality.


At the end of the year, large-scale conservation and reconstruction works were completed in the Dobele Castle Chapel

The Chapel of the Livonian Castle Order in Dobele, where archaeologists, restorers, architects and builders worked for more than two years, is now put into operation. The popular tourist attraction and historical site has become a multifunctional centre for the development of culture, crafts and tourism.

Construction works, including the complex castle wall conservation works, were performed by the General Partnership RERE Meistari 1 in accordance with the project developed by LLC Konvents and LLC Office of Architect Ināra Caunīte. The author of the project idea (defined 15 years ago), the construction project manager and the author's supervisor was architect Pēteris Blūms; Irēna Boks and Ilmārs Andrejevs-Empelis served in the project as the construction engineers, but the construction supervision was performed by LLC RS Būvnieks

Liepaja Yacht Port is now put into operation

The Construction Board Commission of the Liepaja Municipal Institution has accepted into operation the Yacht Port of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Administration constructed by RERE Meistari.