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Designing and building Cesis Knowledge Centre for Future Technology


Cesis municipality



Object type

Designing and building


63 Cirulisu Street, Cesis

Construction status

In progress

A contract has been concluded for the construction of the Knowledge Centre. It will be a new three-story building with self-sufficient power supply covering about 3,500 square metres. The new building will be located at 63 Cirulisu Street, Cesis.

The new building will have low energy consumption – heating will be provided by a ground source heat pump and a pellet boiler; the building will be equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and will source its electricity from solar panels. It will be possible to demonstrate the energy-efficient technologies used in the building under the actual operating conditions.

It is planned to build a car park in the adjacent territory and to carry out improvement works by installing architectural elements. There will be 4 double-sided fast electric car charging stations for 8 cars and 1 bus charging station.

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