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Commencing the reconstruction and restauration works of the Kemeri Water Tower along with infrastructure improvement tasks

 The first works are commenced in Kemeri to reconstruct the Kemeri Water Tower and improve the structure of the adjacent streets. We have also started to arrange the square with the historic sculpture – relief ‘Folk Dance’ which is being shaped as a public access point to fresh water. Upon restoring the Kemeri Water Tower, the edifice will also hold a tourist information point and an observational tower.

The construction works are being carried out in accordance with the construction design ‘Reconstruction and Restoration of the Kemeri Water Tower” developed back in 2017 by LLC Livland Group.
Next to the water Tower, construction works also take place to establish a parking lot and restore the surrounding streets: Email Darzina Street, Turistu Street and Tukuma Street. The section of Turistu Street will hold new parking lots for tourist buses and there will be restored carriageways and sidewalks. The parking lots and streets are constructed in accordance with the construction design developed back in 2017 by LLC Tomus.

Attracted ERDF funding

To restore the Water Tower, arrange the surrounding territory and streets, the City of Jurmala local government attracted funding from two projects of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The project is estimated to cost 7,573,555.82 euros out of which 5,780,000 euros will come from the ERDF, 269,033.37 euros from the State budget subsidies and 3,578,773.81 euros from the co-funding of the City of Jurmala local government. The construction works for the reconstruction and restoration of the Kemeri Cultural Historic Park will commence after the Control and Supervisory Council for the Municipality Loans and Guarantees makes a decision to support the intention of the City of Jurmala to taka a loan from the Treasury or a credit institution to get the co-funding required for the project implementation.