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We are working in an industry where teamwork and each person’s individual responsibility and honesty are equally important. Therefore we are particularly proud of our employees. Every day we work side by side with the best construction specialists and the most skilled professionals in their field — excellent and reliable people who know how to do their job and who are always ready to improve themselves. We are united not only by our daily work, but also by our professional values and a common goal.


Guntis Āboltiņš-Āboliņš

RERE GRUPA Chairman of the Board

Aldis Gulbis

RERE GRUPA Board member, Technical Director

Aleksandrs Kalniņš

RERE GRUPA Board Member, Finance Director

Mārīte Straume

RERE GRUPA Commercial Director

Pēteris Druķis

Design business lead

Valdis Koks

RERE BŪVE Chairman of the Board

Vjačeslavs Voropajevs

RERE VIDE Chairman of the Board

Ervīns Koncevičs

RERE MEISTARI Board member

Normunds Kotāns

RERE MEISTARI Board member