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RERE MEISTARI Head of Joinery Department Normunds Kotāns,

"Respect for the environment and the cultural heritage. Our joinery masters have restored the desk and the chair of the State President of the Republic of Latvia; we have preserved heritage values listed in the Latvian Culture Canon at the Dzintari Concert Hall as well as the interiors ensemble created by Ansis Cīrulis in the Riga Castle. Our respect regarding the culture and heritage values while restoring historic construction elements as well as the professional execution of new, modern wood products - these are the elements of our value added that are appreciated by our clients.”


RERE MEISTARI joinery provides their customers with following services:

  • Restoration of historical wooden windows, doors, wall panels and furniture;
  • Production and restoration of interior and exterior details and construction elements;
  • Manufacturing of brandnew wood products to order.