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Embedding of the capsule of Mežaparks Open-air Stage is planned to take place at the beginning of the next year

Starting the first stage of the second round of construction of Mežaparks Open-air Stage, embedding of the capsule with a message to the future generations into the foundations is planned at the beginning of the next year, announced Valdis Koks, the Project Director of the general partnership “LNK RERE”, today at the press conference.

He explained that, in the following two months, it is planned to perform the dismantling of the existing stage, preserving the cultural historical values – stained glass, cornice fragments and ornaments, which will be displayed in the interior rooms of the renovated stage after completion of both stages of the second round of reconstruction.

After that, constructors will proceed with pile creation works as well as the installation works of sheet pile walls and support walls. Concreting works will follow after the completion of these works. Since closing of the stage territory in the first half of September, side stands of the stage have been dismantled.

In the nearest future, it is planned to connect the already renovated pergola to communication networks in the area of the stage in order to ensure that the spectator area of the stage could be used as a winter park during the winter season. The spectator area of the stage is delimited from the area of the construction works with a fence.

Oļegs Burovs (GKR), the Chairperson of the Property Committee of Riga City Council, indicated to press representatives that the first stage (B1) of the second round of stage reconstruction, which has to be completed until the upcoming Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival in the summer of 2020, is a very complicated task; however, by fulfilling it, constructors will gain a unique experience.

The construction works of the first stage of the second round of Mežaparks Open-air Stage will be performed by the general partnership “LNK RERE” for approx 40.1 million euros. A tender in the procurement procedure was submitted also by LLC “Arčers”, which was by approximately 800,000 more expensive than the tender submitted by “LNK RERE”.

The authors of the stage renovation project are architects Juris Poga and Austris Mailītis.