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Construction of the new Mezaparks Great Bandstand progressing according to schedule

“Overall, more than 40% of the planned construction works are already completed. The Bandstand’s sloping overhead is finished. Currently, the external metal stairs and railings are being assembled along with hydro-insulation output to the sloping overhead and assembly of the folding reinforced concrete elements of the Bandstand’s steps. The first eight metal columns of the dome are installed, and the rest of the columns are now being delivered from the Hungarian factory. Every day, there are 80 people working at the construction site. The Bandstand’s B1 construction stage must be done before the XII Youth Song & Dance Festival of Latvian schools, putting the Bandstand into operation on 18 June 2020,” said Oļegs Burovs, the Acting Chairman of the Council of Riga.

On January 16, a capsule was embedded in the foundations of the New Mezaparks Great Bandstand, holding a message to the next generations. The second stage of the construction of the New Mezaparks Great Bandstand will be continued after the Festival until 2023, when the Song and Dance Festival will mark the 150th celebration.