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The future complex of museum repositories has its ridgepole celebration

Today, upon the completion of a significant stage of construction works at the future home of national values – repositories of 4 museums, in Riga, at Pulka Street 8, SJSC “State Real Estate” (SRE) and constructors – JSC “RERE grupa” together with representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the future owners of the complex of museum repositories are holding the “Ridgepole Celebration”. According to the tradition of a “Ridgepole Celebration”, a wreath was hung on the roof structures of the future complex of buildings, informs Ronalds Neimanis, the Chairperson of the Board of SRE.

The complex of museum repositories, implemented by SRE, is the first complex of this kind in the Baltics. After the completion of the construction works, the complex will store approximately 2 million museum pieces, which previously were stored on the premises of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Latvian National Museum of History, the Literature and Music Museum, Riga Film Museum and other premises. The new complex will ensure the proper conditions for the preservation of these museum valuables according to the 21st century requirements as well as modern and appropriately equipped restoration premises, which are designed exactly for restoration works. The complex will also include reading rooms, small exhibition rooms and other premises, which will be available to the public.
This ambitious complex is spacious – over 30,000 square metres, and it is also a technically complex structure. It is created as a unified architectural solution, without externally separating the areas of separate museums. At the same time, each museum has its own area in the building, which is independent from other museums. Whereas the main entrance area of the complex is allocated as a joint space for all museums, and it is intended for employees and visitors of museum repositories.
The complex of museum repositories was designed by LLC Arhitektu birojs Krasts (construction design manager, architect Renāte Truševska), whereas the implementation of construction works was entrusted to JSC “RERE grupa”.
The total amount of investment of the project constituted 28.7 million euros. To be sure about the qualitative storage of our national values, the government has approved financing of 3 million euros in addition to the previously planned budget for meeting the additional requirements of users.